I was in the car this morning, on my way to teach my Music Together class, and I was listening to the At-Home CD to review some songs that were new to me.  One silly little song gave me a very emotional moment: the “Me, You, We” song.

The lyrics of the song are basically “Me.  Me. Me me me me me me……” then  “You. You …” and “We. We.  We” etc.  Verse 2 plays around with “Yes, No, and Maybe,” then finishes with verse 3 “I. Love. You.”   There are only 9 words in the song, but they are IMPORTANT words that pretty much sum up a baby’s whole world.  iloveyou

As adults, we have a larger and much more complex world view than babies, but this simple song reminds us that WE are all in this together, and that YES and NO can be worked out with compromise, and that showing LOVE to each other is the most important thing in the world.

People walk into my classes as strangers from different families, different cultures, different backgrounds.  They come together with a desire to connect with their children through music and play.  We laugh together, we sing together, and for that 45 minutes the Me and You truly become a We.  And whether there was a carseat battle before class, or an impending nap crisis looming at the end of class, for that 45 minutes, parents can focus on their children and use music to help them say “I Love You.”



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