A Musical Community


(Content warning: pregnancy loss)

When I started my business, I chose the tagline  “Building Community Through Music and Movement”  because I know that sharing artful experiences has the power to bring people together.  I’ve seen several people in my classes go through difficult times: illness, loss of a job, loss of a loved one, complicated life changes, as well as the normal “I’m-So-Tired-My-Face-Hurts” stage of motherhood.  And each time, I’ve seen classmates rally around each other to lift spirits and show support through the struggles.

I strive to create a sense of community for all the families in my classes, but I was taken by surprise when that gift came back to me.  A year ago today, I sat in complete shock at my 22-week ultrasound while the doctor told me that there were dire complications with my pregnancy and my baby boy would not live. Our relatives and close friends supported us, as expected.  However, I was extremely touched that many members of my Music Together classes also made time to come to the memorial service and wrap their arms around me in my sadness.  

When you make music with others, you take risks, you show emotion, you laugh, and you work together towards a common goal.  When you make music with strangers, you become friends. When you make music with people you love, your bond grows stronger.  Music has a wonderful way of building connections, and  I am continually amazed by the kind hearts of people I meet through music.   I am so happy to have made it my life’s work.


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