Music Together and “Duct Tape Parenting”

I was inspired to check out the book Duct Tape Parenting by Vicki Hoefle after reading this blog post about why one family loves Music Together's non-interventionist teaching style.  Music Together teachers are trained to "accept and include" ALL children's behavior, whether it is wandering, hiding, observing, or participating.  Adults in class are encouraged to model... Continue Reading →


Beneath the Surface: What is REALLY Going On During Class?

The amazing Fred Rogers said "Play is serious learning," and he is absolutely right!  One of my highest priorities (and biggest challenges!) as a teacher is to instruct in a way that makes learning feel fun and effortless.  If I've done my job well, parents and children leave class having had a wonderful time playing... Continue Reading →

Why Music Together is the Greatest Ever

I have tried many different children's activities with my kids, both free and paid.  Most of them were developmentally appropriate enough to satisfy the early-childhood educator in me, most of them were fun for the kids.  I knew we had found our happy place after we tried our first Music Together class!  After two sessions... Continue Reading →

The Reason

I'm a small business owner, and I spend much of my time and resources giving people concrete reasons why they should join my classes.  "Music is good for brain development!" (It is.)  "Music learning supports reading and math skills!" (It does.)  "Movement songs encourage kids to move across the midline!'" (Yep.)  I find articles, videos,... Continue Reading →

Kiddie Carpool Karaoke

I am this guy.  And if my kids turn out just like him, I will have done my job.  =) In all seriousness though, driving with kids in the car can be a very stressful experience, and music can definitely add to the cacophony.   I remember running errands one morning while my toddler and... Continue Reading →

Mozart Effect? Nope!

Mozart effect?  Nope, it’s the “Sing with Real People” effect!  In music classes, yes, children are being exposed to many different kinds of music.  But most importantly, they are interacting with their caregiver, and the caregivers are learning many different ways to have meaningful interactions with their children outside of class.  It doesn’t matter whether... Continue Reading →

Me, You, We

I was in the car this morning, on my way to teach my Music Together class, and I was listening to the At-Home CD to review some songs that were new to me.  One silly little song gave me a very emotional moment: the "Me, You, We" song. The lyrics of the song are basically... Continue Reading →

EVERYONE Has Potential!

I was fortunate enough to take several courses with Dr. John Feierabend, a noted music education expert, researcher, and author.  He used an analogy of a clay pot to describe a child’s brain development.   At birth, every child is given a lump of clay (potential) for all the possible intelligences (spatial, musical, physcial, etc.)... Continue Reading →

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